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“A Smashing Success”..."Electrifies Audiences”

"The script is nicely crafted, funny where it needs to be, the acting solid all around...the artful, romantic choreography of Valeria Solomonoff, the true unseen star of the show. Kudos to her and the whole team behind this Lower East Side winner."

"The dancing made us proverbially sit on the edge of our seats."...House of Dandridge


I found TANGO FEVER, at Teatro LATEA on the Lower East Side, one of the richest, most satisfying experiences of the new season. Deftly written by multi-talented Meri Wallace, an international cast of world-renowned tango dancers, under the loving direction of Jose Esqua, with bedazzling, sensuous choreography by Valeria Solomonoff, have come up with a hear-warming winner.

USA Tango Champion Mariana Parma plays Anna, a former dancer whose husband is long ill with acute fatigue syndrome, leading her to finally search out an outlet for her depression—and finds more than she bargained for at a Latino Dance Studio. I promise that your mind—and feet—will dance to Tango’s finally happiest of endings!Go see for yourself.